Blog Design

Whether you want to start blogging from scratch, or build blogging functionality into your current website design, Legendary Media will give you the publishing flexibility  you need.

There are many reasons to have a blog on your website:

  • A blog will help you reach out to clients and potential clients
  • You can be established as a subject-matter expert
  • You will receive free publicity through search engine results, and your blog will bring more traffic to your website
  • De-mystifies your business and makes it (and you) more approachable
  • Makes your website more lively and friendly
  • Provides an area to post company news, specials, promotions etc.
  • Allows you communicate to your audience in a timely fashion
  • Builds a following of readers or visitors, who might turn into clients one day
  • Provides technical support, online documentation, etc. – again, all part of establishing you as a subject-matter expert

Most importantly, adding a blog to your website greatly increases your SEO

As far as Google, and every other search engine are concerned, content is king. Not only does Google like regular updates, but creating new landing pages and section fronts relevant to your business and industry is an excellent way to increase the size of your site, and ultimately increase traffic by improving your search engine ranking. Producing blog content will help increase your organic traffic, and is a much cheaper solution then pay per click advertising.

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